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I am 23 year old slim white English male. This is my first very post on this acne forum so I have yet to share my personal experience about about why I am here. Before I decide to go about that, I feel a positive thing is to share my experience with acne and how I cleared it up so well. So I will just clarify, at that in this point in time my acne is the best it has ever been since before I even started getting it. I am really happy with how my overall skin looks.

So here it goes. I used to think a natural remedy couldn't possibly be as effective as a product you bought over the counter. I mean, how could it be when chemists design these products specifically to clear up your skin? And the natural produce is well, it just came from the earth and doesn't exist for the sole reason to clear up my skin, unlike the products made in labs to do that! Well don't think how I did! Nature is good! Nature is pure! It certainly works in magnificent ways. Just remember you are what you eat. If you eat lots of crap, you are more prone to breakouts than if you were to live on a diet of fruit and vegetables. Thats pretty much fact! Believe it! 

So anyway, lets get onto the actual natural produce I am talking about.

Apple Cider Vinegar. It smells horrible, it tastes horrible. But if you really want your face to clear up, trust me its worth it! I have 2 remedies I do with this stuff every night. 

No #1. Drink it.

The most pleasant way to drink Apple Cider Vinegar: Pour a few caps of it in a glass, add a teaspoon of honey, fill the rest of the glass up with water and put in the microwave until hot and then stir. Honey is of course very good for you also and the more of it the better the taste!

The lazy way (Which I do): Pour a few caps of it in a glass and add water, thats it. I do this because it only takes 5 seconds and now I'm used to the taste anyway.

I am pretty sure you can buy Apple Cider Vinegar in most supermarkets at an affordable price, be sure to buy one which says 'mother' on the description. This basically means it is even more natural and has not been processed. The more dark and cloudy in colour the better! If its clear its more likely to have had all the good natural ingredients you want taken out. 

No #2. The other thing I do every night is I use it as a face scrub. Honestly, the last time I used a face wash you can buy in stores was months ago, and yet I am very happy with how my skin looks. I wouldn't have thought that was possible! You see how I emphasised before that nature works in amazing ways?

Much of the redness on my skin has gone, its not as oily and I don't get many black/white heads. What more could you want? Simply pour the stuff on a cotton pad and rub on your face all over. 

Do both of these every night and I think you will see a difference after a week. But remember this is my own experience and we are all different. It worked for me and will not stop even though I am happy with my skin. Stop breakouts before they happen! Its worth a short right?

Thanks for reading and good luck. Any comments greatly appreciated!


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Wow, I've seen this everywhere! After reading this post I think I will actually try it! Next time I go out to the shop I think I'll buy it! I wish you the best of luck with your acne!

Love, The spotty princess

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Thanks for sharing your clear-skin solution with our community!! :)
Best wishes for continued success!

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