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Hormonal acne is making me hate life

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Do i have severe or moderate acne? Im 16 and my hormones are going crazy. I get severe breakouts before my period, no breakouts the rest of the month. How can i reduce this? I have a lot of blemishes on my face. Will it ease when i get older? Please, this is making me depressed. It looks worse in mirrors and all i see on my face is red dots.



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I would say your acne is just moderate because I've been a lot of worse cases. Do not give into despair! You are so young and your body is still adjusting to the hormonal changes. Things may improve as you get older, with proper skincare and a healthy lifestyle! I would say, go see a dermatologist to get some topical or even oral treatment if you can. I wouldn't suggest you to jump into risky temporary fix such as going on birth control, since it has a lot of consequences and possible side effects. I'm now 21 and I'm still fighting against hormonal acne. My worst skin days were definitely worse than your case now. Words cannot describe how depressive and desperate I had been during the journey. At one point I even tried to harm and possibly kill myself. I'm saying all these just to let you know that you are not alone. Be grateful that you are still young and there is great hope ahead of you. Trust me, your skin will get better, it's just a matter of time. Stay hopeful and keep on fighting :) best of luck girl!!

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I would say it is moderate honey. But that doesn't make it any better! Acne is just awful, no matter how bad it is. 
Fortunately, are are still young and there is plenty of time for it to clear up! 
I am an aesthetician and from my experience (however, it is not one rule for all) I have found that cheek acne is usually diet related, and chin area is usually hormonal.
are you on birth control at all? During my younger years, I found that the right pill helped dramatically (I'm going back on Qlaira today as it's the only thing that's helped) 
if you haven't already been to see your doctor, it could be worth a visit to discuss your options. 
Hope this helps :) 

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I would say this acne is mild.  [Edited link out]
I am not trying to be-little how much this acne takes a toll on you, but I don't see any cystic pimples or sever edema, etc. that would lead me to think that this acne can't be well controlled with a regimen or an oral medication like low dose accutane. Just my opinion. I have suffered for years with acne similar to yours and antibiotics offered extremely temporary relief, and after the damaging years of different topicals and antibiotics I ended up on accutane anyway. Again, this is my experience and I am just telling you what made my life brighter and greatly helped my skin condition and self esteem. This is a huge decision that would need to be discussed with your dermatologist and your parents. There is also a medicine called spironolactone out there that is used for the sole purpose of female hormonal acne. However I personally don't think this medication would be ideal for you because you are so young and it is aimed for adult acne. http://www.acne.org/women-and-acne.html
This is definitely a conversation to have with a dermatologist! Good luck!

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In my opinion, your acne is mild. I can't say if your acne will improve naturally  with age or not. What products have you tried? Try not to get too down, my skin used to be BAD, and it's clear now(I'm 24 now). I attached a picture of when I considered my skin to be moderate(It got much more severe than this, but I never took pictures of it). Hopefully my before picture gives you some hope. :) 


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Your acne is mild, definitely not moderate or severe. All I can see are 2 pimples and hyperpigmentation. I'd recommend a good skin care regimen if you haven't got one already. 

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