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My current treatments/questions about it

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Hi, im an 18 year old male, soon to be 19.
I am currently struggling with not so much acne, but pimples and red marks/blemishes.
It is highly unlikely for me to not wake up with a new pimple everyday, and im really tired of it haha as it makes me not want to go out anywhere or do anything with anyone.
I have recently purchased a tea tree starter pack from thebodyshop as all my previous purchases seem to not have done much help for my skin.
It contains the facial wash, the toner, a skin clearing lotion and the tea tree oil itself. 
I have started using this for a few weeks now and am not noticing much change as of yet, although i did buy the bigger versions of the products today as i am running out and am keen to stick with this regime because i've heard really good things about it.
If others have used this how long did it take to start noticing affects?

I also have been steaming my face 2 or 3 times a week with tea tree oil recently. My face feels nice after this but im not sure if this is even doing much for me?
I work around a lot of dust, which i know cant be good for me, but i was wondering if i should steam more regularly due to this or I won't have much of a benefit from doing so? 

Thanks for any responses in advance :)

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Acne is so much more than just skin deep. So skin regimen is only 1/3 of the treatment, the other 1/3 is good nutrition (low sugar foods, no skim milk, lots of green leafy vegetables, some fish oil, foods that are closest to it's natural shape and form- e.g. whole apple not apple sauce etc) and the final 1/3 of treatment success is stress reduction (the most important would be to have about 8 hours of sleep, no any screen time 1 hour before sleep, no any electronics in the bedroom etc.). Given that acne makes you not to do anything with anyone you should go through the pain of seeing some dermatologist in your area for personalized advice and treatment. So, now, chin up and keep fighting your acne! I wish you all the best! 

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