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So I've been on 100 mg a day of spironolactone for almost 6 months now and I need help deciding if I should call it quits and move on and try accutane in an attempt to clear my skin. I've taken it religiously and I don't know if it's really doing me any good. My skin has always been oily and I would get cystic pimples from time to time but around a year ago, things got really bad. I wasn't getting a huge pimple occasionally, instead I had like 7 huge ones at once so I went to the derm and he gave my spiro. Sometimes I think it's working. Like 3 weeks of every month my skin will be good. Maybe a couple tiny pimples but I''m overall pretty happy with how things are looking, but then 7-10 days of the month I will breakout terribly. However, I don't get cysts anymore but now I get tiny red dots with a small amount of pus all over my cheeks. It's just a different kind of breakout but it looks as worse as having a few zits. My cheeks are just covered in tiny red bumps for about a week then they'll go away and things will be good for a couple more weeks. Is this normal? Should I wait it out bc maybe it's taking a long time to work? Everything I have ever read about spiro says to be patient but I don't know if i should continue being patient or try accutane instead. Has anyone else experienced this? Should I make another appointment with my derm? Please help!

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Hey there! I'm not sure if you've already taken action but I definitely think you need to talk to your derm! Spiro made my acne do the exact same thing as yours!! I stopped having underground pimples and instead has the little white heads, and even closed comedomal whiteheads that sat under my skin for monthssss. After 3 months of this, my derm said I should start seeing some improvement. We decided to stop the medicine, do Bactrim for 1.5 months, and then start Accutane. I am only 12 days into my treatment of Accutane but my skin has improved DRAMATIALLY since stopping spiro. Hope you find what works for you!

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