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Please help me, I'm crying

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Wassup guys I just made a profile, I'll try to make this as short as possible? I'm 21 years old(nov 18 dob) I'm a guy and I've never had acne as severe as I have it right now, I don't have insurance right now so a dr (derm) isn't really an option,  my mom put me out and I moved in with my grandmother and that's just about when all hell broke lose, I've eliminated dairy out of my diet, I used the panoxyl 10% , it worked for a little bit but ....yeah u know how that goes, I'm a very lightskinned mixed person and I wake up to a new blemish everyday and they usually leave scars which my face is full of now :( my confidence is very low and I don't even like looking in the mirror anymore, any tips? THANKs

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Do you take any supplements? Zinc and niacinamide are worth looking into, as well as magnesium.

I'd get a gentle cleanser like Bioderma's Sensibio H2O to start. Drink plenty of water too. Have you researched Dan's Regimen here at Acne.org? He has a really great Benzoyl Peroxide product that works great at killing pimples without drying out the skin too much. 2.5% is strong enough - anything beyond that is overkill.

If you aren't allergic tohoney:  Raw Honey masks are also an inexpensive option. I would do them every evening before bed for as long as possible (avoid the eye area). Then rinse with warm water, and finish by splashing cold water on your face. FYI you can also cleanse your face using honey in the morning. Honey is antibacterial and helps balance the skin. It's the most effective natural cure for acne that I've found so far.

A good natural toner that will cost less than $5 is Apple Cider Vinegar. Mix it 50/50 with water, and apply with a cotton pad after cleansing your face. Then you can apply a thin layer of Benzoyl Peroxide. Once that dries, pat your face with a little water and apply a light layer of non-comedogenic moisturizer. I don't know of an inexpensive one... My favourite, most effective moisturizer is from Bioderma - Hydrabio Light Cream. It goes for about $29.

Just make sure you cleanse, BP, moisturize in the morning and take your supplements and drink plenty of water.
In the evening: tone with Apple Cider Vinegar (leave it on), apply your honey mask, rinse, BP, moisturize.

Hope that helped,

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Thank you ! I am so looking forward to trying this regimen out! I will keep updates on here, I would like to post a pic of my face but it's hell from the inside, it seems like everyone who has gotten rid of acne has gone on accutane also would you say BP is more effective than salicylic acid?

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