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Has anyone had this treatment done? I had seen some negative threads here on acne.org awhile ago. However, now I see Davin Lim is recommending this treatment a lot! In fact, he's shifted most of his fractional laser patients to this for of treatment. Since he seems like the top scar doctor, I believe he must be pretty confident in the results! 
So has anyone had this treatment, know anyone that's had this treatment? It looks like there are only a few people with this device in the US. And what about Fractora? Dr Despain's office uses this and said it gives great results but haven't seen any other doc recommending this one. TIA!

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from my fairly limited research, it seems to be a great option for the right scars and by the right doc. seems like there's a lot of variability in it, though, which makes a lot of variability between dr. to dr. someone posted a youtube video a while ago with dr rappaport talking about it, worth a watch

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I had one treatment done one month ago and I still have not recovered from the procedure. You can see grid marks everywhere my skin was treated and 2 big scars that were created by the laser.
Don't do it...
Pictures are from today, so one month post procedure.




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I've also seen his videos talking about Infini RF. Although I have no scientific proof and this is purely my opinion, I feel like the RF portion of the treatment is probably insignificant compared to the actual needling. I would think the needling is the actual cause for any improvement.

If this is true, then I would prefer to do needling at home because it's cheaper and you can spot test, increasing length over time. I feel needling is like weight lifting (which, like collagen remodeling, is really just breaking down muscle fiber and then healing it stronger than before). You can't just go to the gym once and expect to see results. You have to go regularly, over months and even years. Likewise, you probably have to needle regularly for many months to see any significant results.

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