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Stanley Ching

My Nightmare on Repeat

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So this is my first time posting, let me give you a really short explanation of my situation.

But in year 8/9/10 I had a reddish patch on my left cheek due to acne and possibly from using Duac cream. It hindered my social development, as you can understand.

Two weeks ago, I went to the doctor to get some cream for my acne, they gave me Duac, and note, I am 21, it has been close to 5/6/7 years since I last had a dark mark on my left cheek, so I applied Duac. Right now it has burnt my skin, giving it a reddish, stretched, chemical burn kind of look.

[Edited image out]
Kind of like this, but I think (hope) mine is slightly better.

This is distressing since for a number of years my skin was okay, it wasn't great and I would get pimples, but it didn't make me feel self conscious. Now I am getting headaches thinking about reliving my nightmare.


1) Firstly does this classify as acne scars?
2) How long does it take these scars to heal, or my pigmentation to go back to normal?
3) How can I speed up the recovery process?
4) How can I get rid of cystic acne?
5) How come Duac did this to my skin? Am I allergic to a chemical in it?
6) Can someone link me to how I should deal with white heads or black heads?
7) What other creams or tablets should I stay away from?
8) What creams and tablets should I start using?
9) Will applying lemon on the affected area make it worse?
10) Should I use a Clarisonic? Will it help it? How often should I generally use it?
11) What are some good Aloe Vera skin care products?

Thank you so much, I know you can only give generalisation since all skin is different, but I would appreciate any sort of guidance right now. I can't believe I am repeating this process, all because of some allergic reaction I suppose. I WILL ALSO READ LINKS IF YOU PROVIDE THEM!

Question 2 and 3 are the most important and would appreciate answers there the most.


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I would discontinue the Duac and get a prescription for retinoids instead. Retin-a micro might be the most gentle for your skin since it is time-released to decrease the irritation. You could be allergic to the antibiotic in the Duac cream. I would stay away from the topical antibiotics and go with retinoids for controlling acne instead.

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2) - 3)

Scars can take a year or more to heal but if you exfoliate often and moisturize well, it might be gone or drastically reduced in about 3-4 months? I'm sorry that's not more specific, I can't really tell without knowing how deep they are :///  Also make sure u slap on sunscreen in the day! Ppl always forget this part -uv rays will darken your scars (hyperpigmentation) so they'll take longer to go away. Exfoliate often with chemical exfoliants (aha or bha) and try to avoid scrubs since they're overly harsh. Moisturize well. I recommend some of acne.org jojoba oil mixed w/ your regular moisturizer. 

11) My cousin swears by this

Sorry I can't help more. ^^" I hope u get all your answers. Hang in there!  


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I would read this before using lemon juice. Great blog too - check out the other posts!


Read this - you could also be allergic to the benzoyl peroxide. http://www.acneeinstein.com/why-you-should-not-be-afraid-of-benzoyl-peroxide-and-my-experience-in-quitting/#comment-3990

The article mentions better ways including topical B3. I've heard these are good: http://www.amazon.com/Niapads-%C2%AE-Facial-Pads-Scars/dp/B001AWCNVG/ref=sr_1_1?s=beauty&ie=UTF8&qid=1455077775&sr=1-1&keywords=niapads

I would try the Niapads and get a prescription for topical retinoids. Topical vitamin C would be good too (don't use all at the same time). Retinoids best used overnight. Much better than the topical antibiotics and BP. Good luck!

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Hi stan, my heart goes out to you. Ive had acne off and on, mostly from hormonal and picking.. dont touch ur face. Walk away from mirrors for a while. So... what i will tell you. I think ive tried it all! Lemon juice and apple cider did nothing but irritation to broken skin, this may be different if ur skinwasn't active but dont do with active acne. Bbl acne lasers do help! Its expensive and its maintenance but it can get it under control faster than topicals IMO. Then topicals can do their maintenance work. Dont dont do t exfoliate with mechanical means while acne is active.  Only chemical mildly, like retinoid or glycolic in low percents. Definitely do oral antibiotics for a bit. Find good face wash thats mild and sulfate paraben free. Same with moisturizer.  Dont skip moisturizer,  i did for years like an idiot!  Eat clean. Minimize caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, and refined sugars. Everything in moderation. Good luck, and keep ur chin up. Dont give up!

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