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Tiny closed comedones on face

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Hi everyone,

  I started using persagel 10 a couple of weeks ago. I wash with olay sensitive skin cleanser and apply persagel at night. It has definitely made a huge improvement with my skin clarity, however, i noticed that i have tons of tiny little closed comedones on my cheeks. If i touch my skin i can feel the little bumps. They are not really visible to others. I did squeeze one just to see what it was and a hard white line of pus did come out. Does anyone know why i am getting thee? Should i try to extract them or leave them alone?

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Hi Amy,

   I started a new routine a couple of weeks ago.  I am using olay sensitive skin foaming face wash, and at night persagel 10 as a spot treatment.  For moisturizer I use Simple Ultra Light Gel Moisturizer.

   I got my acne.org regime in the mail yesterday, so I did start that today and I am hoping I have better results.  I am thinking maybe the persagel 10 was too strong, or had irritants in it?

   The only thing I did not purchase is the Acne.org moisturizer because I am sensitive to some ingredients in it.  So, I will stick to my gel moisturizer for now.

   Any help would be great.  Thanks!

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I suggest if you really want to try to clear your face, you should use only the products that are specifically included with the regimen.  Persagel has 10% bpo.  That is extremely irritating!  In my experience, a generous amount of 2.5% or a max of 5% is sufficient :)

Good luck!

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Do you put the persagel all over your face? The bumps might be closed comedones due to the persagel drying out your skin more than your moisturizer can "fix" and some of the dead skin cells getting trapped in the pores of your cheek.
Since you're going on the acne.com regimen, I'm not sure what to say, maybe the bumps will go away, maybe not.

If you weren't gonna change your routine Id say you could try a gentle chemical exfoliator once or twice a week, not a scrub, some AHA or BHA maybe.

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I agree with Robswife...if you're only just starting the Regimen, it's best to wait until you're clear of inflamed acne for at least a couple of weeks before incorporating other non-Acne.Org products or steps. 2.5% BP is gentlest on skin yet still is equally as effective as stronger formulas at killing acne bacteria.

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Thanks for you input.  I just received my acne.org cleanser and treatment in the mail on Monday.  I've been using it in the morning and night as recommended.  I do have sensitivity to the acne.org moisturizer, so I am using the Simple Ultra Light Gel Moisturizer which has no comedogenic ingredients.  My skin is flaking slightly due to dryness.  My face seems to be clearing, except I do notice a few red circles where it seems like pimples are 'brewing'.  I'm thinking this is maybe a purge.  I am severely sensitive to almost every moisturizer.  I cannot use jojoba oil or any other natural oil because they clog all of my pores.  I've tried pretty much every brand out there.  If there is even 1 comedogenic ingredient in the moisturizer I break out.  Sometimes, if there are zero I still break out.  I am very sensitive to Hyaluronic acid.  I wish I could use a stronger moisturizer but I have yet to find one besides the simple gel moisturizer that doesnt break me out.

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Wow jackiwoj.  You are dealing with some seriously sensitive skin :(
If you went straight from the Persagel to Dan's regimen, that could be part of your sensitivity. Sounds like the Persagel had your skin very irritated. You may need to give your skin a break for a week or two, THEN start the acne.org regimen. 

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