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Hi. I am 23 yo female. My skin type is oily acne prone skin. This is my story about 3 years ago.

So about 3 years ago I suffered with hormonal acne that was really bad. My face full of acne that usually come with pus. But like almost every hormonal acne, I got the most acne along my jawline and they are hurts and itchy. I got acne cyst that was really painful on my chin too. This made me cry sometimes because how bad it is.
So I tried every acne treatment that I could because I don't want to give up. So here is the list of treatments that I've tried:
* Tea tree oil: did nothing to me, I even think my skin get worse
* Lemon: It irritates my skin
* Cinnamon: At first it works, but after a few weeks my skin get worse again
* Propolis as a spot treatment: OMG, my skin becomes so terrible!!
I even exercise and skip milks, but my skin didn't improve. After that I went to doctor and he gave me oral medicine that I took for 3 months. Because it's hormonal acne so I have to control my imbalance hormone first. He said it contains a lot of vitamins, but I think it contains antibiotic too because he said I have to take it regularly and can't stop in the middle of treatment. So at the first month I took it everyday. On the second month I took the pill every other day. And on the third month I took it every 3 days and after that I stop took the pill. He also gave me Chamomile Toner, Benzoyl Peroxide cream and moisturizer cream. I used Benzoyl Peroxide at night after toner and moisturizer cream at the morning after toner. So I only use BP at night because if we use BP too much, our skin will get too dry. My skin got better little by little. I used face mask too that I make by myself. I can swear that this mask is the BEST FACE MASK I've ever tried to combat acne and it really helped me in my healing process. So I mix 2 tablespoon of pure honey with a drop of propolis and leave them on my face for 30 minutes or more EVERYDAY. I used to use propolis as my acne spot treatment, but maybe it's too harsh for my skin, so I think what if I diluted it in honey. OMG! It becomes the best face mask ever. I think this will work for every type of acne. Just remember not use too much propolis. 
Now my skin is much better and I never use Benzoyl Peroxide anymore. I hope this can help and you can heal too. GBU all :)

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9 hours ago, holdingontohope said:

What kind of acne did you have? Pics? 

I got a lot of pustules along my jawline and some on my cheeks and forehead (but not as much as on my jawline). On my chin I got cystic or sometimes nodules..
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On 1/19/2016 1:21:32, bp562 said:

Do you use anything with the honey to stop it being so runny? 

No. I didn't. But recently I like to mix 1 tbs honey with 2 tbs cooked oatmeal and then add 2 drops of propolis or 4 drops of tea tree oil. You can add 1/2 tbs milk too for extra moisturizer. Oatmeal will make honey less runny and it's very good to reduce inflammation too.. So it's a win win solution..

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