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So many scars...

I'm 24 and have had pretty bad acne since I was 16. Nothing worked, so I went on Accutane (am still on it). The pimples are clearing up, even the cysts! I'm pretty happy and hope it lasts but now I've got major scarring to contend with...

Before starting Accutane I consulted with a dermatological surgeon to see about my scars. He said that I had mainly rolling scars and suggested Fraxel or subcison. I've since heard of Bellafill - anyone know about that?


In addition to my rolling scars I have enlarged pores that really are quite big. They almost look like scars themselves but aren't. It's a pain because in some light my face looks fine, others the pores stand out terrible, and in still others my rolling scars stand out. I'm constantly paranoid of what others think. 

I have noticed my rolling scars smooth out very easily with the tiniest bit of stretching my skin. Is that a good sign? I've heard so but I really don't know what it means. 

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures right now but I can attach some later if need be. 

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Hi Poppy, I can understand yourself because as many on this forum, I m in the same situation. I m 36 and I m still assaulted by what I see in mirror in some lights and sensations I have on my face. I had many lasers in the past, first a CO2 ultrapulsed that causes a 2 weeks eviction then later fractioned laser and I didn t obtain a satisfying result. I don t say lazers are useless, but I can say lazers wont be able to fill holes, they just smouth scars outlines.

I decided last year to try the scars elevations technic + mechanic dermabrasion. I will have it in february. I hope you will find the traiment which will give you satisfaction.

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Thanks FrenchySteph. I'm on Accutane now so I can't do anything invasive for another year...for now I'm going to try to be gentle to my skin, keep it moisturized and protected from the sun and see where I'm at then. Also praying that the Accutane sticks and my acne doesn't come back - this is the first time I've taken the med and its a big fear. 

I've heard some good things about the lasers but a lot of bad too. Others say it didn't do anything. It's more expensive than anything else so probably not worth it. I doubt my skin could be made worse but i suppose it could always be worse.  

The hardest part is that the scarring is so widespread and such a hodgepodge it's difficult to pinpoint. 

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