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Hi everyone, I have been struggling with perioral dermatitis for about 3 months now. it is flaky and dry around my mouth with small bumps and redness. It got a lot worse so I went to the derm and she prescribed doxycline and an antibiotic cream. it has seemed to go down a little but is still present and flares up badly sometimes. I don't want to be on this drug forever. I am using Osmia organics to cleanse. Does anyone know if sweating or heat can make it worse? I love hot yoga but I think it makes it flare up. Also does anyone know if it is caused by hormonal birth control? I have been on it for about a year and read that this could be the cause. Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you!!! 

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Hey there! I've been dealing with periocular dermatitis, where I get it around my eyes instead of around my mouth. I've found that the ointment Protopic (which is used for people with dermatitis and eczema) works really well, although cannot be used in the long term. I use it when I start to see a flare up and it's gone usually in a day or two. I've also noticed that eating foods high in nickel cause a flare up for me. I am allergic to contact nickel, but notice when I eat more things with nickel (which is found in soil, grows into vegetables and fruits) I notice the dryness starting. I have read BCP's can cause it, but I've been off BCP's since September and no change has occurred. I found that doxy actually made mine worse, so I discontinued it. You could try ACV (apple cider vinegar diluted) on your skin as well, it balances the pH in your skin and gently exfoliates. I've also found success with use facial microfiber cloths for exfoliating gently. I too found that working out caused it to flare up. Ice your skin right after you work out! xx.

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