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I have had these blackheads on my forehead and nose for YEARS. I have tried everything to get rid of them,and I go to a dermatologist but nothing ever works to get them to go away. I am vegan and don't eat gluten so I eat a healthy diet,drink lots of water,wash my face daily  and use the creams the derm gives me for them but nothing ever works. It can be a little hard to tell in the forehead pictures but if you look closely you can see the black dots all over the place. What can I do?

photo 1 (2).JPG

photo 2.JPG

photo 3.JPG

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Usually people find most success with BHA, AHA or retinoids to help these, sort of exfoliating them out of the skin if you will, so first of have you tried any of those? 

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I have tried lots of different exfoliators throughout the years but I had never heard of BHA or AHA. I have been on a small amount of retin A before but since I also have sensitive skin it can be difficult to use without making my face turn red.

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Ahhhh, BHA's most common/well known form is salicylic acid and AHA's most common/well known form is glycolic acid. Aha and bha are just a type of acid. You may have already used them.

Are you sure what's on your nose are blacks heads btw, they could be sebaceous filaments?

As for the forehead comedones as far as my knowledge goes the best topical for blasting them out would be a retinoid. (Someone chime in if there is any other ideas). But because retin a is too strong for you, you could try differin from your derm, a weaker and less irritating retinoid.

My only other idea is that the bumps are being caused by a fungus, causing 'pityrosporum folliculitis'. Google it and see if any of the pictures or descriptions resemble what you have. Usually people tackle this with antifungal creams and natural antifungals like apple cider vinegar. There's quite a few threads on this around the forum.

I'm not a doctor so these are only ideas but good luck!


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