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So a couple of weeks ago I went for this treatment (also called Sebaceous Gland Ablation)
I had 5 lesions/spots/stubborn acne treated. 
Now I am left with deep scars. They heal and shed (4/5 day cycle) and the scar is visible again - never actually filling in or healing completely.
The nurse who performed the treatment tells me that this is due to my "lack of healing" ability as I receive caudal epidural never block injections (for a herniated disc) and that the slow release  of the anti inflammatories therein are preventing me from going through all of the normal healing stages. I feel she put her probe in too deep, and either left it in too long, or had it turned up too high. Hence over cauterized (burned) the skin.
Now I am attending the clinic for Restylane Skin Booster fillers (hyaluronic acid + ...) for these areas - I've been told this is the only option, as any treatment which mechanically damages (Fraxel, Needling) the skin will not work for me (shame the nurse didn't tell me this before the other treatment!). So far (one Restylane Skin Booster treatment) I've noticed zero improvement.
I have read great things about CP (copper peptide) Serum, Super CP Serum and Super COP - for scar revision , I would really love some feedback of topicals which have worked.

Many thanks

After 2.JPG

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This is why you never let nurses play with your skin, they're simply not qualified enough.

What she said about your lack of healing sounds like a cop-out to me, to seemingly shift the blame and discourage you from suing. A competent practitioner would have tested your healing ability first before proceeding, that was their responsibility, not yours.

As far as copper peptides go, don't bother with them, at best they're mildly effective in combination with strong exfoliation, at worst they're an outright scam.

Since that looks like a deep pit you should look into a treatment called TCA CROSS, its very simple yet highly effective and should gradually fill the pit in, at which point you can consider a resurfacing procedure.

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The thoughts of attending a cosmetic surgeon is a bit scary, u originally attended the clinic for some small icepicks but was talked into this Rf for some acne. I've already handed over a good sum of money to this clinic, she's not offered aby refund I kind of feel committed to let her try to fix with the Restylane...  

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