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I am 17 years old, and I have had very slight moderate acne for a while, and at the end of the summer it started to get worse on my cheeks.  I was prescribed and started taking doxycycline pills and I was using tretenion cream. I was using sunscreen but I felt like I was sunburnt all the time. I went to a different derm towards the end of September and he prescribed me with amoxicillin and I'm using tazorac. It seems like my acne has only gotten worse since I've started treating it! my left cheek was clear when I started treating it and now it's bad! I had no acne on the forehead but now it's showing up around my hairline. It's been 7 weeks now and I haven't seen much of an improvement. My cheeks is red and irritated. Also, my skin is pretty oily. The Derm said to come back at the end of December. Should I just wait it out? I feel like there should be an improvement in 7 weeks but maybe that's just me. Any suggestsions?

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Acne to me is such a constant battle..... I was using this all natural facial cleanser with vitamin c and I swear it worked great for a week til it dried the crap out of my skin. It resulted into me breaking out. All facial cleansers I have tried, dries out my skin. Only one cleanser worked for me and its bioelements sensitive skin cleanser but even that had olive oil which can clog your skin. Now I'm trying a different approach. Right now I'm just using cold water when I wake up, then cold water with a wash cloth at night. I found out a regular terry wash cloth was too irritating so I used one of my white 100% cotton t shirts and that worked great. It was clearing me up. I got this advice from my sisters. One of my sisters use a wash cloth for her face and just water. My other sister just uses water and her face is so clear. I just bought some bamboo wash cloths and they're so soft! I only gotten one small pimple right now from this regimen, but I feel like I need to go even more gentle just incase. Right now I'm about to go to the store and buy some essentials for prevent acne. Here's the list:

(all organic btw)
green tea

hopefully it can prevent acne! Also do something you love and take your mind off things. Stress can be a big factor to acne. Goodluck!

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I would definitely recommend waiting it out! Good things come with time and I assume your dermatologist knows what is best for your face. There are a lot of acne medications that make your face break out first. There were a lot of topicals that I went on in the past that made my skin worse first before it got better. I just think of it as a cleanse. The medicine or topical treatment is getting rid of everything so it can repair itself. If you really are concerned about it, I would just call the dermatologist and ask them what's up. Good luck to you! 

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