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What could have caused my breakouts??

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Hey guys,

So I'm 17 and I just started college about 2 or 3 months ago. I used to have mild acne during my high school days, though I don't think I lived very healthily back then (I did exercise but I ate unhealthy foods and didn't sleep much). This past summer, however, I went gluten free and stopped consuming dairy products. This had a huge impact and my skin improved immensely. I also was drinking kale shakes and eating really healthy foods otherwise. My skin was really good all the way up until last week. I do know that my sleeping patterns have been disrupted due to studying, etc. I have also been pretty stressed out. However, my diet hasn't really changed at all. Regardless, my skin has gotten a lot worse, and I applied some benzoyl peroxide last night and this morning, my face was very inflamed. Could it be that the stress and the lack of sleep are causing my acne? I notice that when I get home, my skin gets better. I think it's because I am more relaxed.

ALSO: I haven't been working out or doing as much physical activity as I had been before. During school, I played basketball 4-7 times a week, so I feel like that could have an effect. Is this all possible? Thank you guys!

Oh yeah, I have been drinking a lot more tea recently but only with stevia. Could this have an effect?

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Have you been having milk in your tea?

All of the things you've mentioned - stress, poor sleeping pattern, less exercise, increased caffeine.

If you try to fit in some exercise, that should help with your sleep and stress levels. I know it's easier said than done around exam time though.

Hopefully this breakout doesn't last too long.

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