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Are Keloid Scars A Hopeless Case? Honestly?

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I've been googling everywhere and everyone seems to say that there is no cure for keloid cause they always grow back, there can only be treatments.

I've had my keloids injected 5 times within a year, and they always grow back and sometimes even spread/get redder

I have them on my jawlines.

I am so depressed about this.. Can anyone offer any insight?


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Hey man, I have keloids too so I know how it feels. I have it way worse from not shaving properly and cutting my acne. I've researched into treating them and honestly I think you can lessen the redding by reducing stress and using silicone gel sheets(personally I use coconut oil) but as far as making them go away completely..well there's no quick solution as of right now. Time will heal it man. Don't get down about it, dont let it stop you from living life! I was depressed about it at first, shut myself in and was really anti social but I came to terms with it and didnt let my insecurity control me. It'll get better in time! My answer may not be what youre looking for but I hope it helps a little.image.thumb.jpeg.deea7134be2a63e7504a0a3


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