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Hyperpigmentation Showing Up Randomly?

So about two weeks ago my skin was perfectly clear and also relatively free of any sort of hyperpigmentation. Well, there was hyperpigmentation there, but it was much less severe and when I looked in the mirror that wasn't the first thing my eyes focused on. Over the course of two weeks, my skin has randomly gotten worse. On my left cheek, I have a bunch of random new dark patches, and I have no idea where they came from, as I haven't been breaking out all that badly. My right cheek has been clear up to this point. A few days ago I looked in the mirror and saw that both my right and left cheeks had a few red spots on them (all turned into whiteheads) and my left cheek had a ton of, like I said, random dark patches. I'm very upset, I have no idea where they came from. My forehead also has a couple of red bumps on it, and I never break out on my forehead. Granted, school did start three weeks ago, and I have been experiencing some mild stress, but nothing that has been making me break out like crazy. It's mostly the brown spots I'm worried about. Sometimes they look red, sometimes they look more brown. They're pretty hard to cover. I was using a neutrogena cleanser but I've switched back to a cetaphil one because cetaphil always helps to calm my skin down when I break out. I just use cleanser and moisturizer now, but my issue is sticking to a regimen. I'm incredibly impatient. My period is coming soon, and I've heard that hormones can cause like darkening of the skin, but I'm pretty sure that's only in regards to pregnancy, and this hasn't happened to me before, so I'm not sure. I just would like to find out what's causing it. I can't stop crying, I feel so hopeless, I was so happy with my skin two weeks ago, why did this have to happen? Does anyone know what I should do or what could be causing this? Thank you! x

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Are you having dark marks after pimples? Am not talking about the hyperpigmentation you mentioned. But after a pimple leaves you are left with dark marks or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. If you suffer from this, then from what i am experiencing that i am getting dark marks where acne didn't even came. So do tell me.

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