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Microdermabrasion Vs Kitchen Peels

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Hello! Before i get to the point i wanna thank the contribution of the website and forum. I became a member today after a year of reading you because of my 2 years of acne. Benzoyl peroxide was the only thing that made my acne completely dissapear. I still get break outs but after a few applications they are gone.

To the point. I have some scaring and given the fact that is summer i am giving a try a microdermabrasion cream based peels. I am browsing through the internet and can not find something reliable. I read on medicinenet that you can get the same results from sugar-honey scrub, sea salt, beach sand etc. I can see the point to e.g. sugar since these are mechanical peels and sugar is where fruit acid peels(AHA like glycolic acid) come from. But is the concentration too low to be compared with an aluminium oxid(alumina) peel??? I just cashed 46 euros today for Kiehl's microdermabration. Please tell me i am not..a victim!

Scar vanishing is the next important goal..i don t feel that i have the skin a 21 year old girl should have..

Cheers :=)

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It depends on what sorta scars you have? If its discoloration, then peels may help. However it depends on the type. Peels may help with PIH, but generally not with PIE or hypopigmentation. If you have PIE, a laser like Vbeam or IPL is the best bet if you want it to go away faster. If you have indented scars, depending on how shallow they are, peels may not help much. If you have deeper scars, research subcision + suction. As for store bought vs homemade peel itself, I'm not sure. I remember when I used to make my own scrubs, the smaller the particle size the better, the bigger they were, the more it irritated my skin. But I have no clue how it compares to store bought microdermabrasion kits. Sorry for not being able to answer your question XD

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I've never used that brand but have used store bought but it didn't help at all. Never used kitchen peels. You can buy some really good stuff to help with redness on makeup artist choice and it's cheap! I use a glycolic acid peel (30%) that works really well. I think I paid $12 for a sample size (good for several peels..have already done 3 and still have a full bottle). There's no downtown with this peel.

Honestly, I'd never spend $45 bucks on a cream based microdermabrasion kit. I have, however, spent an arm and leg getting professional micro treatments. $120 per but it also includes a facial. It took 3 professional treatments to clear up redness. I have also gotten professional peels for 120 and that worked amazing but it worked just as well as the Makeup Artist peels I've been giving myself.

Soooo, what I am trying to say is that you threw your money away...we've all done it at least once. I know I have!

Good Luck and hope it works. Maybe it's a great product and if it does work you won't feel so guilty.

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My scars are like tiny holes that get filled up with make up. It made actually a year for the redness to fade out, but it of course still noticable. The main problem is that everything needs a prescription in the country i live(also the benzoyl peroxide) and i can't get any glycolic acid or similar products. There are also not allowed in the market :( Anyway i am returning this was sooo expensive. Thank you guys a lot for the answerys :)

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