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Constant Spots On One Side Of Face? Tried Everthing, What Is It?!

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Hi guys, so I've been noticing that firstly the right side of my face is less form than the left and that I basically get no spots on my left side they are all just on the right.

I've been purposely sleeping on the left side for a week or so now and regularly changing pillow cases but still no luck.

The spots are not like big ones they are the niggly small sort that go after a few days and they are all in the same area near the lower right side of my chin and up.

What could they be i have been dairy and gluten free for around a month or 2 now but am still persistently getting these spots

Also if I ate bad say on Monday would these be what would cause the spots say on the Wednesday?


Any help?

Tl;Dr, small annoying persistent spots on just right side of face.

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Do you tend touch that area alot? You may be doing it subconsciously, like resting your hand on that side of your face. 

I didn't realise that when I was doing crunches in the gym I was getting these spots on my temples.. I've stopped placing my fingers near that area when doing such exercises now and noticed a slight improvement

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I used to love hiding my face with my hair and I noticed i got white heads and small bumps on one side of my face where my hair covered. The other side was pretty clear where my hair wasnt covering so much

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