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Angular Cheilitis (Cracks In Corner Of Mouth) Remedies

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I'm writing because I just read some threads here about Angular Cheilitis, painful cracks in the corners of the mouth. Though the information given has apparently helped some people, I am afraid that some of them will find their condition recurring. Quick improvement is not the same as a cure.

Some of the people who posted said that over-the-counter hydrocortisone ointment worked for them. While it is true that hydrocortisone will decrease the inflammation, many types of angular cheilitis are caused by fungus or bacteria, and hydrocortisone will not kill these. If fungus or bacteria is causing your angular cheilitis, eventually the cracks will return. When they do, it's better to get a prescription anti-fungal or anti-bacterial medication to treat it.

Other people mentioned using chapstick or smearing their lips with Vaseline. These may give some relief, but if bacteria or fungus are present, you will just be spreading these uglies and reinfecting yourself. A better idea is to clean your hands, put some vaseline/chapstick/ointment on your fingers and spread outwards towards the cracks, rather than back and forth.

I regularly use benzoyl peroxide and have previously used accutane. These may cause cracks that are not caused by fungus or bacteria, but the cracks can begin to harbor these if they do not heal.

Hope this helps a few people who are still struggling with this problem.

Source: Will Hydrocortisone Cure Angular Cheilitis?

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I made my own concoction last night, and it's like a miracle! I mixed up some 1% hydrocortisone, some athletes foot cream, some vaginal yeast cream, some aloe, and some burn gel cream (because it has lidocaine in it). My right side corner was getting really bad. I thought I had cut it. More cracks showed up and it was really sore and gross. Last night, my left side started cracking. I applied the mixture before bed last night, and both sides are almost completely healed! My right side had some very deep cracks, too. I was willing to try anything. But, this mixture worked very well. After my shower this morning, I washed the area and got the gunk off, and the cracks are almost completely gone! Anyone who has this should at least try this. The anti fungal and the hydrocortisone works well. The lidocaine helped numb it a little so it wasn't as sore last night.

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I used to have those, they were red bumps on corner of mouth. Didn't know what they were or how to treat them.

I did a warm water compress 2x a day and a few days later it was all better and healed up. If you like, apply moisturizer on it to relieve pain and dryness.

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