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I have been usuing benzaclin for about 5-6 years. It's defiantly helped my skin. But not as much as I hoped for so about 3 years ago I started seeing a naturopath doctor and she put me on holistic supplements to help with my hormones and etc. Thats when I saw the best improvement in my face. Now fast forward to now and I don't really take my supplements anymore but still on my cream. For the most part my face is usually good still get break outs here and there. I'm married and want to start trying to have kids soon but know I can't be on the BP when preggo. So I stopped my face cream a week ago. So far notbing bad has happend but now I'm reading I'll get really horrible breakouts around 2-3 months after stopping and should ween myself off before stopping completely. So I was wondering if anyone has experience with stopping cold turkey and if I should continue not using it or get one last jar and ween off slowly? Thanks a bunch! Sorry for the long post!

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I used it a couple of years back and stopped abruptly and that caused my skin to freak out. I recently was on it again but had to stop since it was just making things worse (I guess my skin was resistant to the topical antibiotic they put in there) and so I weened myself off of it. Definitely don't stop cold turkey and if you have to, buy another jar of it. Begin by using it every other day, then twice a week, then once a week, till you don't have anymore to use.

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Yea that's what I thought i would end up having to do. I'm going to get one last jar tomorrow and start weening off. Thanks a lot!!

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