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So i have heard a lot about Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid/gel/lotion. For some it's been an absolute miracle product that finally cleared their skin, and others feel like it's either been not effective or even break them out more. And that's scary to me. Which is why I've come here for help!

I have mostly just clogged pores that result in a loooot of closed comedones (skin colored bumps) all over my cheeks, forehead, and chin. Recently some of them have turned into angry red pimples (which i take as a bad sign) and it's freaking me out because I'm not sure how to reverse the curse (ha ha)

Benzoyl peroxide doesn't really do much for me and i do have a tube of tretinoin 0.05% that i used for 3 weeks with no results but i would go back to that as an absolute last resort if i had to. It was too irritating and drying for me.

That's why Paula's Choice is really my last OTC option before i whip out the big guns like birth control and retinoids.

I also have combination skin that leans on the dryer, slightly more sensitive side.

Reviews/experiences/suggestions from people with similar acne would help a lot!!

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You could read a million reviews until up to wazoo but until you try it for yourself, you won't know if it'll work for you or not. I say jump in and got be it a few months, if it doesn't work, definitely go see a derm.

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hi sorry for bringing up an old post, but did you try it and did this work? i'm in the same place as you were and considering trying it but cautious as of the bad reviews ive read :/ 

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