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so my face has certainly healed a lot in terms of acne lesions themselves since last year. It can be due to hormones, aging, diet, water-intake, greens-intake, or something else. I dont even know but i do get a LOT less acne marks. But I still seem to have the dark marks as shown int hepictures. Also, yo ucan tell some parts fo my skin seem oily and others seem rough. The sides of my noses are ALWAYS red and have little blackheads. It's almost like theres veins showing too but i doubt they are veins. I also have little tiny dots as you can see in the pictures which i don't think are pimples but rather something else. I drink lots of water ,i exercise, i dont use ANY face wash (i only use cold water), I eat lots of greens and fruits. What is causing this uneven skin texture.

I miss my babyskin where it was smooth and soft.

Has anyone that's had something similar to what my skin has found a solution? Or does anyone have any suggestions of what could be the underlying reason to my strange skin? It's never just silk smooth. Even if i have no bumps, the texture of the skin always looks off and it just looks unhealthy. ANY SUGGESTIONS OF WHAT IT MIGHT BE? PLEASE HELP


I am just looking for any guidance.. even a conversation with someone who might have a little idea of what it could be..





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So sorry you are feeling unhappy. You are not alone. I wish I knew what it was but I don't. Your skin looks nice to me, but I understand your concerns about texture and blackheads. Have you already consulted with any dermatologist for some thoughts?

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