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Hello all!

I'm having a bit of trouble with my skincare regime, thought I would reach out and see if any of you can give me some tips (:

I currently only wash my face with acne.org cleanser or spectro gel cleanser for acne prone skin (if my skin is feeling too dry.) My issue is that if I use the spectro too long my skin starts to break out because it's not as drying, and doesn't fight off the oil as good as the acne.org cleanser.. So my skin is usually in a battle with dryness. My other issue is my face is sensitive now to almost all products and moisturizers, I'm not sure what caused this, but my derm said there's not much I can do besides to keep looking.. luckily I have one sunscreen I can use that my face tolerates without breaking out too much (Eucerine daily spf 30).. the only trouble is it really catches on to any dry skin.. so I need to be very moisturized or else it will look awful.

So all in all I was wondering if you guys could suggest to me something I could do to moisturize my skin that's made for extremely sensitive skin? So I can finally start applying sunscreen. I have a lovely burn to show for not wearing any ;p

(I've tried all the standard moisturizers made for sensitive skin, even natural ones like jojoba oil seem to make my skin super red, any suggestions are welcome!) (:

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Hey Garrett! :)

I battle the same thing...dry/oily/sensitive skin! Personally I've found Dan's cleanser to be too drying. If I use every day, I find my skin can't stay hydrated even with daily moisturizer so now I only use once in awhile. And the dryness signals my body to make more oil! So my skin-care products are plain warm water and Dan's moisturizer. That's it! I don't need BP anymore although I do occasionally spot-treat with the AHA+ if I feel a zit forming (I have 2 on my neck right now). For oil control, I've been taking hemp seed oil supplements and I've noticed a big improvement!

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As funny as it is I've never tried Dan's moisturizer before, I've heard mixed reviews. I have two bottles around the house, I might give it a shot, it doesn't seem to break you out or leave your face irritated or red afterwords?

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