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I've always had mild to sometimes moderate acne for the last couple of years. I pretty much use Dan's regimen except for the moisturizer due to the numerous bad review. This is my routine:

1.Wake up, wash with cleanser

2. put bp over entire face and leave it on

3. later during the day, put on moisturizer

4. when I shower at night, use cleanser again

5. before bed, spot treatment and moisturizer over entire face

Like I said above, I use the 2.5% benzoyl peroxide and the cleanser from Dan's regimen. The moisturizer I use is called simple sensitive skin expert hydrating light moisturizer. It's supposed to not have any comedogenic ingredients.

Overall, the treatment works to some extent and it reduces the amount of acne I have and speeds up the process, but I still get pimples every other day. Small ones, but they are still bumpy and red. Some of them do get inflamed and get bigger.

The most interesting thing I notice is that when I turn my face towards the light, I can see all these white bumps under my skin. When I squeeze them, this kind of white thing will come out, which I'm guessing is sebum/oil/etc that's stuck in my skin.

Now, even though my current regimen is somewhat working, it still does not contain my acne as I get new small ones every other day. During the day, I might suddenly get one at random spots on my face and I have no idea why even though I'm leaving the bp on. I also find the white bumps (whiteheads probably) as a sign that this is not completely eliminating all the problems, as there are still gunk that gets clogged in my skin.

I am at my wit's end as I do not know how to COMPLETELY get rid of my acne. Should I buy a different benzoyl peroxide product? Maybe increase the concentration of bp to 5%? 10%?

Maybe try out salicylic acid and see how that goes?

I tried not putting on any bp and just using the cleanser and moisturizer because I thought I might be overdrying my skin, but I breakout more if I don't use bp.

Would really appreciate any suggestions from personal experience you've had.

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Have you tried the aha in your regimen maybe this could help. But in my opinion Topicals doesn't always eliminate 100% acne specially hormonal acne. You have to find a way to treat it internally wich is not easy. Do you eat alot of dairy and carbs ? Those are know to trigger acne.

Some supplements can help too: zinc, vit d3 and etc.

Stay strong I know how acne can suck.

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