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Has there been a thread dedicated to before and after pictures that show ACTUAL results. I see a lot of people on here that claim all this improvement but have no proof or have pictures that make it hard to tell anything about their acne scarring at all. A lot of it feels like someone is lying to us to try to give us hope and make us blow every dime we have on treatments that dont work as advertised. Can we start a thread strictly dedicated to BEFORE and AFTER pictures detailing all treatments that have been done, the dates or time between treatments, doctor visited unless you did it yourself and amount of money paid per treatment and in total. Also theres absolutely no reason anyone should feel uncomfortable posting pictures here. Most of us have to live in shame every day about how we look. If theres anywhere anyone should feel comfortable letting people see their face its here. Thats an excuse that Ive gotten tired of seeing from so many of these people who got such great results.

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I compiled a list of some results from subcision, some combined suctioning and others didn't.

And some others:

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This person had great results, posted convincing pictures and provided an update every year.

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What I do not like about about the before and after pics on that thread is his before pics were taken in the kind of lighting and angle that show off scars and then his after pics are a direct side view which makes scars disappear.He looked like he had improvedment but you absolutely couldnt tell how much. Also in some of his after pics his face was still all bruised up which means its swollen.

I compiled a list of some results from subcision, some combined suctioning and others didn't.

And some others:

see though thats the problem. People have to dig through the board and look through all kinds of comments to see what they really want. There should be a thread at the very top of the board with before and after pics and all the info anyone would possibly ask. When I was coming to this board back in 2004 I was searching for a solution to my problem and what better way to save people a ton of time than to be show what works and how much it costs right up at the top. But thank you for all of the links. At least some form of directory is nice.

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