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Tca Cross Journey

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hi everybody,

Im newbie here, looking for someone on same boat of treating acne scars.

Acne history,

i started break out when I was 17 mostly whitehead. I was an active acne picker, so now I have a lot of ice pick scars on both cheeks. I stil have acne now, not sure what kind of acne it is( white pumps stay very deep underneath skin, they stay there for over year, getting bigger over time, never come out for a year. no redness, no hurt at all).

I dont think acne is a big problem to me at this time, i know they will go away soon. My main concern is scars, and it is also a reason I am here.

My family, my friends never know what I have been through these years, and how hard it has been. My whole life has been changed since I got acne. However, I know I am not alone when I get on this board.

To friends who had done TCA cross before, Please give us advises.

To friends who are in the progess of treating or will treat acne scars by TCA cross, lets start the journey with me, helping each other.

here we go:

I order 80% tri acid from amazon with $20, and I may have it today.

I will buy toothpick, glove, and baking soda.

I plan to start crossing by next week. I will mix the acid with water to decrease the strength to 50-60%( I want to test how my skin react to the mixing acid). Also, i will post my pics before starting the journey.

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thanks for your concern!

my skin is kind of golden skin. i will test on one my hand first to see how it reacts then test on only one scar on my face. After the scab leaves the scar, i will do on the other scars

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I just did the test on my hand by using toothpick deep in the 80% acid. After about 1 minute, i felt a bit uncomfortable a bit hurt ( hurting scale from 1-10, it was 4). So it should be 6-7 on face.

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