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Left Face Wash On Overnight And Burned Face

Hi. About a year ago I had an acne breakout. I was using a 2% tea tree/2% witch hazel face wash from Boots. I liked it so much that I foolishly applied it topically and left it on overnight. I woke to burns/pigmentation patches on my cheeks. As it was just from a face wash (not 100% tea tree), I thought I would just leave it to fade naturally. Almost a year later it is still there. I went to see a dermatologist who suggested a series of glycolic peels at 30% to speed up the fading of the burns/pigmentation patches. I had amazing results for my acne blemishes with these peels when I was a teenager (I'm now in my 30s). Has anyone been in this situation? If so, how long did it take to clear up naturally (I am brown skinned)? My spot blemishes usually only take 6-8 weeks to clear and don't worry me at all, but this chemically induced burn/pigmentation is proving more difficult and I am extremely concerned.

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For pigmented scars (which I have plenty just from normal acne), I would recommend whitening products.

I'm using SKII Whitening Power Spots Specialist serum on my whole face every night. It works really fast - in two days the marks are fading already! It's insanely expensive, but it really works and one little bottle can last you a long time. It has a hygenic dropper that you use only a pipette full every night. Non greasy, absorbs super quick.

If you have any spots, just dab Dan's BP (or any spot treatment) over it. It works well with other products.

Another thing that's absolutely fantastic about it, is that it improves the overall texture of your complexion. Your pores shrink, your skin gets less oily, and your skin becomes smoother and plump. Basically, the 'health' of your skin improves and you can see it everytime you look into the mirror - it's that obvious!

If you have the dough to shell out, I'd strongly suggest it!

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