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Something That May Help People Who've Tried Most Things Out There

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Hi everyone, thank you now for taking a min to read my first posting on this site.

Like everyone else here, I am an hardcore acne sufferer! I do everything that is recommended, eat clean, don't smoke, take acne meds, etc, etc.

It has been a long and hard journey, I have done three rounds of Accutane ( can't do anymore due to liver damage) five rounds of Fraxal laser treatment to help reduce the scars and breakouts, mountains of topical creams and retanoids perscribed by doctors all with minimal success.

My chest and back are so damaged that I can't even entertain the thought of taking my shirt off in public, nor go to the beach. My face is mess of acne scars, enlarged pores and deep wrinkles from all the creams. This is not how I wanted to picture myself at 30 years old, but that's how it is.

A few months ago I tried something that helped, I mean really helped, it was Argan oil.

My skin is smooth now, My breakouts are a lot less frequent, and besides the redness and puss filled bumps ( not quite acne, but larger than a blackhead) my skin looks a lot healthier.

God how I wish there was just one solution for acne, but maybe trying Argan oil will help some other like me.

It is availble at beauty store, and online. Although it is a bit pricey, it suggest giving it a shot.

Hope this helps


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How did you apply it? And did you skip all the other routines (cleansing and moisturizing) and just apply this everyday?

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