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Plugs Keep Forming On Forehead; Especially When Hair Grows Long

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I have had this problem ever since I started college back in 2013.

I get these swollen lumps under the skin of my forehead, and they CAN BE, but aren't usually painful to the touch.

I had to grow a beard in order to correct the crap on my neck and jawline. That worked like a charm


If i get lucky, I can squeeze them, and a long rod of cheese like stuff comes out of them followed by a plug and clotted blood.

They heal in about 3-4 days...

There's usually a little hair at the top

Clearasil worked for a while at removing small bumps, but the larger one's kept recurring.

I was put on Dioxy. in 2014 around July, and took it EVERY DAY until about a two months ago; tapering down of course!

It really had no effect on them.

I was REALLY stressed for a while about it. It basically killed my desire for success at school; my mood changed completely and I really just stopped caring about everything. I was the best one in my class; the BEST. Now it's like I've never even been there.

It totally sucks.

I recently rose out of the constant stressed feeling about it, and yet these bumps persist.

I don't know what caused this sudden problem that I've had for a year now....

I haven't had blood work done in years.

What could it be?

I hate to go to the doctor only to find out there's nothing that can be done about it; which is what everyone says!

Which is usually the answer.

I guess it happens that way sometimes.

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