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I have been taking Absorica for 44 days now (30 days- 40mg, 14 days- 50mg) & I have not seen any effects on my skin. It is somewhat dry, but my skin is always dry during the winter. I would say my face is moderate-severe, but more severe, & I also have acne on my neck, chest & back. Up to a year and a half ago, my acne was very mild, but since a year and a half ago, it has quickly become worse & worse. I am 15 now. My acne has continued it's worsening since I have started accutane, but not at any quicker pace than I would have expected if I were not on accutane. Essentially I feel like accutane is not having any effect on my skin. However, I have had mild back and joint pain, so I guess that means it's doing something? Has anybody had a similar experience? Any words of encouragement? : -)

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I didn't have a similar response when I took Accutane about a year ago, however I do have some words of encouragement! What you are seeing and feeling is normal. 44 days so about a month and a half in? They say sometimes you will start to see improvements in the second month, but it may also take a few months to even notice. Hang in there, it's definitely doing its job and will continue to do its job. 40 mg is not a ton, what weight are you? I was 54 kg and taking 60 mg daily for the entire course, so if you are near that weight it could be because you are on a lower dose and that means less side effects and usually a longer course. Regardless, you will see results, it may take a while (which sucks I know) but they will come. Also talk to your derm the next time you're in and ask any and all questions you have. Maybe you need to up your dose a bit?

Best of Luck, Accutane is great and will clear you up! :)

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My face started to clear only on the 4th month. Patience would be the key word here:)

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