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The Caveman Regimen: Best Decision You'll Ever Make

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Hello acne.org. Before the last few days, I've been dealing with severe acne since I was 15, I'm 18 now, and after a long; frustrating battle with acne, my face is finally clearing up. Please read my story below:

I was 16 years old when I noticed my mild acne was not so mild anymore. It was scattered all throughout my face and jawline. It got to the point where I was embarrassed to be seen by people, so I decided to see my dermatologist. Keep in mind that ever since I started getting acne at age 15, I was using prescription medication such as epiduo and mild antibiotics, and throughout all this time I'd wash my face... like crazy lol, around 3 or more times a day, always trying out different face washes. So this time my derm told me everything about Accutane. I said I'll give it a shot. 2-3 weeks into it, and I can say without a doubt that I had worse skin that anyone reading this right now, perhaps worse than a large percentage of people on this planet. The only white(my skin color) you could see on my face was around my eyes. Seriously everywhere else there was huge pimples, bumps that were actually 3 inches long on my jawline that turned out to be pimples. Pimples on top of pimples. I was terrified. Next time I saw my derm he was scared too, he got me off of accutane right away and have me steroids to calm my face. The steroids flattened all of my hundreds of huge bumps in barely a week, but you know what? I still had every single red mark on my face from every pimple that flattened, it almost looked just as bad, just flat. This was the start of the most depressing year or so in my entire life so far because little did I know then that those red marks all over my face weren't going to fade nearly as soon as I thought they would. I looked like I had chicken pox but x10000000. Eventually new pimples started forming to go along with my hundreds(maybe thousands) of red marks. So for a year or so I used variety of prescribed treatments. I also tried a laser treatment that did nothing but make it worse. Throughout all this time, new dermatologists kept on recommending accutane to fix what accutane has done to me. Of course I said "no way!" until there was nothing else to try. I cried so much during all of this. Every day was a living hell. But I started accutane again and stuck through it for the 5 months. And it helped sooo much( I highly recommend NEVER taking accutane) no more pimples and the red marks were 70% less visible (still very noticeable). My acne came back within a few months, not nearly as how bad as the first accutane try though. But it was still pretty severe. Overtime I was losing more and more faith in acne products. I stopped using what my derm told me to use, and stopped seeing him altogether. No more pills, no more cream. BUT WHAT I DID CONTINUE DOING WAS WASHING MY FACE ALL THE TIME. I applied lotion after every wash. My face was not getting any better at this point, but not much worse either. Out of frustration I had a thought "I'll just not do one thing to my face, because everyone I know with perfect skin doesn't do anything to keep it like that". I went online to see if this was as stupid as it sounded but it turned out to be a thing; The Caveman Regimen. Cold turkey, I stopped washing my face, even with just water, no lotion, not touching no anything. The only things that touched my face was water from my showers and sweat from when I work out(still wouldn't wash face after workouts). To give you an understanding of how much this helped me, it is only Day 5 for me on this regimen, and I felt the need to share this long story with this website. My skin is literally getting better every hour. Pimples are fading, no new ones are forming, and best of all, the thousands of discolored pits all over my face are fading and smoothing out. My face was looking less swollen also!!! My skin is starting to look like what it did before it was introduced to acne. And it's only DAY 5 on this regimen!!!! Before, my skin was always too greasy or too dry. Now it always just seems perfect. My face is becoming the same color as the rest of my body. EVERYTHING ABOUT MY FACE IS GETTING BETTER

So that's my story

Why is it so widespread that it's good to wash your face??

Why is the Caveman Regimen so unknown about??

Are doctors carrying on lies just to make money off prescriptions??


Why did the Caveman Regimen cure my acne and make my skin look better all around? It's almost as if I wasn't meant to have acne all these years, but all the washing was tricking my face into thinking I should have acne. Does this make sense??

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Well i'm kinda doing a modified version. I wipe my face with water/acv mixture everyday and i wash my face every 3 to 4 days....i keep making adjustments depending on how my skin is acting. I did break out around the second week on my forehead but they were all very small and they went away a few days later. I'm breaking out a little now, but again they're very small surface stuff. From what I understand, that's somewhat normal for the first few months. I'm on something like the 5th or 6th week and my skin is doing really well. Hopefully it will be perfect by the third month

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Yeah I'm going to have to agree and say that the caveman regimen is definitely not for everyone. Real happy it is working for you though! That's great! Cheers

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