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Enlarged/scarred Pores On One Side Of Nose, Attempted Derma Roll.

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Hey guys/girls I'm a total newbie!

First off let me just say hello I'm a 24 year old male who had skin which I believe my derm referred to as 'sensitive to DHT' and I was described as having mild acne consisting of whiteheads/blackheads. I understand there are people in a lot worse circumstances then me and I do not want to sound like a fool worrying over 8+ scarred pores, however it is actually effecting my day to day life.

So to begin! I presume these are scarred pores and not ice pick scars as they are slightly less then 1mm in width, I've heard this size determines whether something is a pore/scar/icepick? My nose seems to be worse on the one side and despite knowing picking is bad I'm guilty! I've been left with larger holes in one side!!!! Depressing much !!! So after noticing the pores looking larger under a particular light I used my 0.5 dermaroller (I KNOW IT IS NOT ADVISED ON NOSE, I LEARNT THIS AFTER!) and rolled it only over the areas needed (I never go over the top like you see in all the youtube video). At the moment my nose looks red, pores still look bad... could this be due to the swelling? I understand dermaroller is a slow and lengthy process, I just fear that the redness will reduce but the size of the pores will not? Does anybody know if redness caused by the dermaroller could make pores look more prominent at first due to swelling? In addition I am using 'Retimax' which it vit a cream post treatment, is this a good idea?

Oh lordy lord! All the research and it seems that the nose is the one place I really didn't want to get scarred pores! I am also a student from a working class family so I cannot seek any further professional advise and must do everything from home or nothing at all. I've also ordered a derma stamp so no need for this suggestion.

So to make my questions easier to read I shall also list them here plus some additional ones! I would really appreciate some answers :)

1) Would pore size reduce after swelling reduces from 0.5 derma rolling treatment?

2) Chance of permanent damage to pores through dermaroller?

3) Using tea tree oil post treatment?

4) Retimax (very strong vit a cream) post treatment?


6) Are these scarred pores permanent or are they worth attempting to treat?

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I'm also attempted to do a mesothrapy, but really afraid of doing it my own.
How's your skin now? 
Will you keep us updated:new_smiley_46:

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