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Zinc + Copper + Terrible Periods

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I have had moderate acne since I was 11 (now 28). I have had no real success with any treatment, including the regimen (although had to rely on store bought versions). I haven't been prescribed accutane/roaccutane. It's a mix of hormonal acne and sensitive skin.

Recently I read about a lot of people having success with zinc, so I would like to try it as well. However, the usual recommendation seems to be to take zinc with copper because zinc depletes copper stores and can make you ill.

For nearly a year now I've had incredibly bad periods and eventually I ended up in A&E. I've been tested for PCOS and endometriosis but I'm clear; it just seems to be how things are with me now

So the nurse in the emergency room told me I should get a non-copper coil (IUD) fitted, which I did a couple of weeks ago. Here comes my question: I know I've been given the non-copper coil because copper can make periods heavier. But would taking copper supplements have the same effect? I think the copper coil has the effect of making periods heavier because the release of copper is localised in the uterus, but would a supplement have a more diffuse effect, being taken orally?

Should I just take a lower amount of zinc and up my copper intake if I feel I am becoming copper-deficient?

FYI other things I'm doing: gave up sugar, "sugary" carbs and alcohol, taking magnesium and vitamin E.

Happy New Year everyone

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From what I understand, the copper IUD makes periods heavier because of the effect in the uterus. It can't be replicated by a copper supplement.

I found that it made everything heavier for about a year and then it went back to almost as light as my pre-IUD state. So the body seems to adjust positively.

I prefer the copper IUD because ALL of the other IUDs use hormones for birth control. When you have acne that's one more thing to deal with.

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