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Flesh Colored Bumps In Occurring Rash Form?

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Ok. So I have been getting a weird, flesh colored "bump-rash" on my face, mostly on my lower cheeks and around my around my lips and mouth. The bumps are small, but they make my skin look so much worse than it actually is. My normal acne is mild, with hormone and stress breakouts usually. I generally notice it in the evening when I wash my face. I use cetaphil and first aid beauty for cleansers and I use a lush toner and clean and clear acne cream, along with their salicylic moisturizer. I generally have slightly sensitive skin I believe. My skin HATES tea tree oil, benzoyl peroxide, anything super strong. When I use these products I know it breaks out more. Also, i think it may have to do with a reaction to makeup? I don't wear a lot of makeup everyday, just sometimes BB cream, and always powder and mascara. Please help me out! This has been a recurring problem for about four months and it is bothersome. Thanks!



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I don't think it's a reaction to makeup. I have the same issue and came looking for a solution too, but I've been using t he same foundation since high school and mine didn't start until I started college. I have really weird skin stuff, like my skin cells don't reproduce evenly giving me spots where dead skin builds up into brown callouses, and I heal disturbingly quickly, so when I read it was caused by skin cells not "turning over" right I was not surprised. Idk how to fix it but that's what I read caused it

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I am dealing with a similar thing right now, except worse. I would maybe take a look at your diet, especially if you have recently had a n increased sugar intake, or normally have a lot of sugary things! Sugar plays a huge role in our skin and can cause a whole host of issues! 

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