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Just An Other Scar Evaluation

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first of all i guess i can consider myself lucky given the fact that im a complete idiot! So here is how i got most of my scars / scarred pores: My skin doesnt usually scar and so i had barely any after ~4 years of acne (first with huge cysts later lots of whitehead then back to a bid one per week). I got somewhat desprate and my dermatologist was not very helpfull (antibiotics), seriously he just prescribed me with them and send me my way for 1,5 years....

I then discovered Benzylperoxid online and wanted to try it..... Thought to myself more is better and used a 20 % cream for a couple of months...... Yeah since i avoided mirrors and im somewhat used to dry skin for a while since i go swimming a lot i just didnt realize how much damage i was doing there. I just saw redness and was like "ahh man more acne...."

But it doesnt end here... After the creams my dermatologist decided that we should take the next step and i was put on iso.... With incredible dry skin already.... he didnt even take a closer look or anything the damage should have been obvious at that point but nope...

I stopped iso myself after ~3 months since i finally figured out that the main cause for my acne are diary products , nut, sweets etc. I stopped eating those things and all i get is a occaisional whitehead.

Unfortunatly the last 2 "treatments" left me with what i believe are scarred pores / ice picks / boxcar scars

Recommendations and tipps are highly appreciated.






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Man if I had your skin I would have done more with my time. It looks good man seriously, just keep a healthy diet and maybe microneedle with something very short. Cheers and happy new years!

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You're gorgeous. 100% serious. Anything you try to do to fix your skin in this state will just make it worse (TRUST ME!). Go live your life.

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