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Accutane Gave Me Severe Acne (Long Read, Weird Situation)

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Before this gets moved to the prescript section, this is not about Accutane, it just happens to be how the story starts.

I had severe acne (conglobata it seems) since I was around 10, my chest and back were completely covered. My face had tons of daily cysts as well but only on my cheeks and nose, for whatever reason my forehead and jaw were spotless.

I went on a very high dose of accutane (160mg daily/5 months), because my acne was that severe and I had to wear gauze all the time to not soak my shirts in blood etc. Lower doses were showing nothing so I was upped to that amount, at about 180lbs.

It worked like a charm, to this day my nose, upper body and cheeks just won't break out. But a few months after tane, the weirdest thing started happening. My forehead started breaking out like crazy, within weeks I was getting around 5-10 new bumps just on my forehead every few days. Next, my legs were suddenly covered, as well as my butt, I mean completely covered in zits.

Fast forward fifteen years and thee extra courses of accutane, antibiotics, probiotics, anti-fungals, topicals, athletes foot creams, shaving the hair, growing the hair, doing nothing, scrubbing like mad .... I've tried and tried and my forehead, scalp are as bad as ever.

It comes and goes, sometimes my scalp stays mostly clear for a while but legs break out a ton etc.

I don't believe this to be acne, there's no way two extra doses (high doses) of accutane wouldn't have even made a dent on the issue. It also makes no sense that this all started after that first high dose of accutane....

Doctors are puzzled and have long given up, but maybe someone out there has an answer. All I can think is that the insane amount of isotretinoin in my system did something to permanently damage my skin in some way to where it can't function normally etc. I literally traded my clear areas in exchange for my acne prone areas, makes no sense.

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I know that your situation is totally different but you might give it a try for few months and see if you have Any improvement :-)

I have been struggling with very bad break out all over My face for the past year( doctor would have put me on Accutane but i cannot take it for some Reasons and i wouldnt either) i still think mine Wasnt the worst but it was moderate/ severe.

I tried everything but nothing really cleared it up, ( antibiotics, duac, differin etc)

So recently i have been doing green smoothies and eating 1 carrot with olive oil each day and My skin is Getting much better, ( it has reduced My skins inflamation greatly)

You need to use oil( olive or coconut) with the smoothie cause the vitamin A and K are oil souble, means you dont get it if you dont consume oil with it.

My recepie:

1) Spinach 70 g( can be more also(

2.) 2 bananas ( for the taste )

3.) ginger ( bit for the taste)

4.) few slices of apple

5.) olive oil 1 teaspoon

6.) bit water

7.) bit juice

8.) sometimes Frozen strawberrys ( make it taste even better) :-)

9.) good quality puré honey

I drink it Once a day and i also eat 1 carrot per day and i add olive oil to it- within a week or 2 i Saw some improvement, so try it out and it might also help you :-)

Write comment if it helps you or has helped you!

Give it a try!

I never thought it would help me before i finally tried it

Happy Holidays:-)


post-441297-0-27755400-1419163142_thumb. in september

post-441297-0-63445700-1419163221_thumb. In november

post-441297-0-88433200-1419163299_thumb. Today, 21. December 2014

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Thanks, really appreciate the detailed reply. I'm actually already a pretty habitual smoothie drinker and am a pretty "clean eater". To be fair i've been through periods where due to lack of funds i relied more on ramen noodles and pop tarts to pad my calories a bit and my skin never really changed, not noticeably. I still prefer to stay away from those foods for the myriad of health issues alone though.

My biggest issue is really my scalp as I like to wear my hair very shorts and on the regular I have about 20-30 pimples all over my head, I've grown it out an inch or two just to hide it a bit, but I hate wearing my hear like that lol. The legs I can hide by not wearing shorts, my forehead unfortunately is out in the open

I've heard of accutane not really working, but I've never, ever heard of a case like mine where it worked perfectly on the bad areas and destroyed the ones that were previously clear.

I should mention that as a young kid, before acne and all that, my barber would also tell my I had dry, flaky and sometimes bleeding patches on my head... as a kid I never gave that much attention but I'm most likely prone to dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis and the accutane may have worsened it? Alls I know is ketaconazole and OTC jock itch cream ain't doing a thing.

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Gosh, I'm so sorry you're going through this. Have you ever had the contents of the breakouts cultured before? Maybe that could offer some insight? I've had outbreaks before on my legs and they always turned out to be fungal. In my case, though, topical anti-fungals worked quite well.

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Too bad that this doesnt make Any difference in your case,

Might it be fungal?

Hope you can find out what can repair the damage done from Accutane,

Wish you the best of luck!

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Thanks. I wish I could afford to get a sample tested, when I did have insurance I had no luck trying to convince any doctor to do so unfortunately.

All I know is it started after accutane. I don't believe it could be acne, two subsequent high-dose courses of accutane didn't even phase the condition..... I do believe, had it been acne, accutane would have done at least something. After a decade I'm likely just going to grow my hair long, it's getting harder every day to go to work/out in public with my scalp completely covered in pimples..... the legs I can cover up, the scalp I guess I can grow my hair, that only leaves the forehead.... better than nothing I guess.

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