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Hi everyone,

I am new here.

I have spent years and years trying to clear my acne.

I was becoming clear until around September time. I do not have a clue what brought my acne back as I have not changed a thing.

Anyway I started taking 5grams of vitiman b5 1 week and 3 days ago. It seemed ok the first 2 days , if anything I thought I saw an improvement and then all of a sudden my skin has broken out like crazy! I mean cyst type spots that I rarely get.

I have mild to moderate acne. I also get white bumps on my face pimple type ones (don't know the medical name for them).

My question is did anybody else experience this when first taking b5? If so, how long did this last? And how long did it take for new spots to stop apprearing? I feel as though a new spot is adding to the break out each day! I would love to be ok for Christmas but I feel like giving up as I feel like it's just making it worse!

My current regime:

2x 25mg zinc daily

2x tablespoons fermented cod liver oil

5mg b5 daily powder form ( I take this throughout the day not all at once)

Seaweed face wash (the soy shop)

Apple cider vinegar toner

Dual daily gel

I do my face regime once daily. Before bed. I also take my zinc etc before bed.

Does anybody have any advice? Im so close to giving up and I really don't want to! I eat very healthy , I rarely have dairy (even tho I love it!), I drink water all day, I also have 3 glasses of Apple cider vinegar with water a day. I drink alcohol maybe once a week if that on weekends.

Any advice on this b5 breakout would be great.

Thank you in advance

Jessica x

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