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Devastating Acne Scars.

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Hi. Yes I know I look horrible in the pic and I can't be bothered to even try to look good because my acne scars will ruin everything anyway.

Main point: Any suggestions on what type of scar removal would you recommend for my scars? And is it possible to tell me what type of scars I have? Deeply appreciated!

I just can't accept my scars no matter how hard I try to ignore them. People tell me my scars aren't obvious but to me they are. I want to get them removed not for other's attention, but for my own confidence. I don't want to live a life where I get depressed just by looking at my own reflection.


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Honestly, they aren't very noticeable. They don't look bad! And you don't look horrible, you look cute! :D

Try dermarolling.

Or if you have deep pockets, you can go to a dermatologist and get a filling or laser resurfacing.

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Your scars are concentrated in a pretty small area on each side. I'd use the dermastamp, but I hate the dermaroller so I'm bias. The stamp is less likely to cause little tears under the surface.

You're beautiful though. I know this is for you to feel confident which is what matters, but I think you should know. Especially if you consider that a bad picture! Be patient, there is hope. There's been drastic improvements from other members.

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Nothing is 100% in removal Acne Scars I'm sorry to tell you. Yes you can definitely get improvement by Dermarolling, Chemical Peels, and Fraxel Re:Pair (laser resurfacing). The type of acne scars you have looks to be mostly Scarred pores on your cheeks and a few ice picks. Just so you know some procedures do carry some risks and could make things worst. So be careful and do your homework when choosing your Doctor.

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