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My Regimen After Accutane (Acne Came Back After Course)

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Hello everyone,

I have struggled with acne ever since I was in 6th grade and I am now a college freshman at age 19. I was on Accutane from November 2013 to June 2014. Throughout the summer I would get one small pimple a week, which wasn't very noticeable.

Fastforward to the beginning of September 2014 and I started to get more and more acne slowly (probably from a change of lifestyle to college) but it still wasn't enough for me to do anything about besides washing my face twice a day. Within the last 2 weeks my face really started breaking out (I think it was stress from finals) and I decided it was time to do something about it.

I started doing some research and I started taking supplements to try and combat my acne. I take two vitamin D3 1000UI pills in the morning along with eating a carrot. I take two more D3 pills with dinner and also eat another carrot for dinner. I live in PA and don't get outside much due to it being winter. I have been taking these pills for about 2 weeks now.

This week I added a 50mg zinc supplement to my lunch after reading that this will help too. Even in just a few short weeks I noticed my breakout hasn't been as bad and my face has a much better complexion. I am going to continue on this regimen for bit longer to see how it works. I have also cut back on sugary drink like soda and have been drinking a ton more water.

One thing that I also found to help my face is smoking marijuana. I smoke everyday and it helps me not stress about my face and also reduces my inflammation.

Here is what my face looks like now. These supplements seem to be working slowly but surely, which is a much better alternative to Accutane in my opinion. Questions, tips, or complaints? Let me know, I would appreciate feedback.

Sorry the images aren't too clear, best I can do for now.



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