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Colloidal Silver Topically Works!

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So, silver has antibiotic, anti fungal and antiviral properties. Years ago, I bought a bottle of colloidal silver nose spray to combat colds. I never really used it, but I kept it in my closet.

About me, I'm 43 and have had acne since my teenage years. It was horrible, but my dermatologist described it as the most persistent case he's ever seen. I kept hoping to outgrow it and I never did. I've tried several antibiotics of which Bactrim DS worked the best, but didn't get rid of it all and I don't want to take antibiotics anyway.

I had some success with Murad, but not much. Most everything else caused skin irritation or didn't work.

One day, two months ago, I suppose I was divinely inspired, I grabbed the 5 year old bottle of colloidal silver and sprayed it on my facial acne and the rest of my face. I started doing this 2-3 times per day after showering usually. I started seeing results quickly. After a month, my acne was essentially gone. I now have one zit at the most, instead of 4-6 in various stages.

I figured I'd share this.

Colloidal silver is sold in parts per million. The nasal spray bottle was 10 ppm that I used. The brand was around $20 for 4 oz. It claimed to be ionically charged and better, but when I ran out, I bought a different brand in a liter bottle for $28. It's 100 ppm. It seems to work as well and I refill the nasal spray bottle because the mist seems to work well. I suspect the liter bottle will last me 6 or more months.

There is one danger with silver, but I don't think applying it topically is a problem. Silver, if ingested in large amounts can turn your skin blue, permanently. This is called argyria. It is very rare, but hey, I warned you.

For me, it's worth the risk. Don't drink it. Do research if you plan to.

One other thing. I also started taking vitamin D 4,000 units daily at the same time I started the silver. I'm pretty sure it's the silver working on my skin though.

Good luck.

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