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Fraxel And Tca Cross For Pore Scar/ Large Open Pores

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I have never posted on a site before but wanted to share this with others. At 39, I am possibly a great deal older than others on this site. I have had cystic acne for years but last year finally visited a dermatologist. I wish I had done this years ago as my skin is now starting to turn a corner after a few minor changes.

My acne had left me with box car scarring. I also had some holes on the side of my nose and one large one right slap in the middle of my forehead (my partner air brushes this out when he takes photographs of me!). I underwent five fraxel sessions but they only started to make a difference when the nurse put the setting up to 9/10. It took longer to heal (I looked burnt for about a week) but I have really noticed the difference to my box car scarring.

Unfortunately, the fraxel didn't touch what I thought were ice pick-type scars.

I carried out some research and came across 'TCA Cross'. Last week, I visited a different dermatologist in London who offers this treatment. He told me that my hole in my forehead was probably a chicken pox scar (I knew that it wasn't as I can remember the spot that came before it!) and he said that the holes in my nose were very large open pores. He agreed to treat both but cautioned that TCA Cross was not really indicated for these types of problems.

I just wanted to let everyone know that after 20 years of these unsightly marks, the pores have completely closed over. I am over the moon!

I know that people can buy kits but I would warn people against this. It is comparatively cheaper than fraxel as you should only need two or three sessions (it cost me £150 for two areas). Also, I have seen some pretty scary pictures of people who obviously left the TCA cross solution on for too long or alternatively, did not know that you need to use a neutraliser on the acid afterwards. As far as I can see only two places in London offers this at the moment but I understand that it is increasing in popularity.

I didn't think to take any 'photos but my normal dermatologist has pictures that I am sure I could get hold of.

I hope this is helpful and good luck everyone.

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Wow this sounds exactly like what I had, i was giving up hope.

who did you see do you mind me asking? you could send me a private message if you dont want to post publicly?

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I replied to someone else about this but it hasn't shown up on here for some reason- I have copied it below. I need to read some guidance as I don't know how to send a private reply but I am more than happy to share this!

The consultant dermatologist whom I see in Tunbridge Wells for fraxel and my acne programme is called Dr Anne Farrell. [removed] She trained in Oxford and is highly respected in her field. She is lovely; very approachable. Her practice is called 'Dermatology Consulting'

Dr Farrell doesn't offer TCA Cross. I saw 'Dr Anil' for this [removed] . He has a clinic at 'West London Dermatology'. The famous acne dermatologist Professor Tony Chu [Edited link out] works here too but I understand that he has a five month waiting list. I only had a one-off appointment and it cost me £150. However, I think most people need two at least. Dr Anil was very calm and precise in what he did. I am seeing improvements each day (I think it can take some months for the full results re the collagen fill-in to show).

Best of luck!

Best of luck

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I should add that I used vaseline on the scabs from day two. I have read that it is important to keep the area supple. The vaseline apparently slows the healing and reduces risk of scarring.

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Did Fraxel do anything for your pores? did you do Repair or Restore?

what would you recommend. Maybe if I send you a photo of my scarring you could see if it was similar to what you had?

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Hello. I had fraxel restore but on a much higher setting 9/10. I am afraid that it didn't do anything for my large stretched pores. I perhaps should have tried dermal roller instead. The TCA cross has produced much better results than I anticipated. The only thing I should add is that the large pores/holes looked much worse for the first week and one didn't do anything for two days but then scabbed over. I think that it can keep improving (because of the callogen) for a month. I had some ice pick type scars treated on my jawline too. Please do send pics and I will compare with what I had on my nose.

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Please Don't Triple Post ... etc, the answer to your question is under the below faq skin: reds The reds are because it's a wound, are you putting triple antibiotic cream on it to avoid scars. Wet wounds are happy wounds. Also please use makeup until it heals. You can pat it nightly with vinegar diluted with water to sanitize the wound.

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