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Finally Figured Out I Had Acne And Fungal Folliculitis (And How To Get Rid Of It).

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I have tried using BP constantly, several times a day at 2% even 10%. It helped, but ever got me clear, particularly on my forehead. I also had folliculitis on my chest (red bumps) where BP had no affect. After a lot of on-line research, I started to believe I had fungal folliculitis or "candidiasis". From what I read, if you drink a lot of alcohol like me, or have taken antibiotics (I'd had some for an STD), you kill off the good bacteria and the yeast takes over. This made sense, because BP helped but never completely solved my problem. I've started using prescription strength Nizoral shampoo on my face and chest as an anti-fungal and benzoyl peroxide w/ erythromycin (prescription) for the acne. I'm also eating probiotics like yogurt. For whatever reason, I'm finally clear, as clear as I've ever been. I guess I had acne AND fungal folliculitis. Now my quandary is... do I stop everything? Keep it up? Phase it off slowly? Suggestions appreciated.

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Are they appearing where you would normally have hair and do you see a dot at the center? Pics? Either way it is not possible to differentiate between fungal and bacterial by looking at it. Treatments are different for each but i think antibiotics are the first line of treatment for folliculitis. Otc neomycin and antiseptic soaps can probably be used. Depending on how bad they are oral medications may be needed. Warm towels are also used.

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Now my quandary is... do I stop everything? Keep it up? Phase it off slowly?Suggestions appreciated.


Good news on figuring out the secondary problem! Did you see the link I sent you from the girl who had the same problem and used Nizoral? I'd PM her and ask her if she is continuing to treat with the shampoo, perhaps coupled with phoning your derm or whoever gave you the acne script and asking about the fungal problem....see what both have to say. As far as BP...that's really up to you...you could try using a smaller amount of BP and seeing what happens...I'd give it up to two weeks...if acne starts coming back then return to the previous amount...if not, then try using an even smaller amount for another 2 weeks and see what happens, and so on. It may take some tweaking to figure out exactly how much BP you need to stay clear. I can't make any suggestions about your acne script, that would be between you and your derm to decide. It would certainly be wonderful if acne resolved...hope it has! :) Let us know what you find out.

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