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Ive suffered from acne for around 4 years now and its been the biggest knock in confidence i have faced with. You wonder why some people can walk round with perfect skin and youre stuck with this for the rest of you teenage years.

Ive used all sorts of creams like Zynarit and Benzol Peroxide. Some other which i can't remember the name of. Im fed up now and wanted to take stronger action.

Ive been prescribed Lymecycline and Differing gel. I want to start my course and i will with the anti biotics but the topical solution is whats holding me back. Nearly every review I've read has said differin causes purging when your skin gets bad before it gets better. However in all these reviews people have been saying it goes the worst its ever been.... i don't want that. Has anyone been on this combo who can help me out?

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I was given Lynecycline last Thursday and have been looking online for any information on it but cant seem to find much. I've noticed that mines has really flared up since starting them and not white heads as such just large spots under the skin and red. When I'm wearing making up I wake up with it more irritated that if I went a day without make-up.

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Hey guys,

I was prescribed with lymecycline earlier this year (about Feb time) alongside Zineryt too and the combo cleared my skin up very well, after about 3 months I had no break outs and was just left with the scarring/hyperpigmentation etc, so just had to try and get all that to fade. So I'd recommend lymcycline from my experience, but I don't know about Differin, sorry EllaHannah!

However I will say that the above regimen didn't fix my acne long-term, I came off it about June/July time and it was good for a few months, but over the course of November and so far December my skin is the worst its ever been and now I'm considering privately seeking roaccutane as a more permanent solution, can definitely empathise with the knock in confidence for sure!

Let me know how you guys get on :)

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