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Crazy Acne On Cheeks After Full Face Threading

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About 6 months ago i went to my salon and got my full face threaded, i have never done it before. Only threaded my eyebrows. Now after doing a full face threading, i broke out like crazy. It got better and then got worse and not its a bit better. I dont know what to do. Ive never had acne before and now my cheeks are acne filled. My self eestem has gone down and i just feel so self conscious that i dont like leaving the house. My dermatologist is a complete moron who doesn't know what he's doing. I stopped going to the lady that did my face. I used a cleanser and moisturizer daily. Can anyone help or had experience with acne after threading? Thanks

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Hello. It's funny I ran across this because the same exact thing happens to me. I already had a little bit of acne but once I threaded my face for the first time my acne became outrageous, like never before. Honestly, I couldn't find anything to help it. I litterly had to jusy weight it out and it took almost a few weeks to SOMEWHAT go away. I used ALOT of tea tree oil. I guess it helped a little. I then told my girlfriends what happens; they told me to use "no bump" right after I'm done threading my face. I did but the same thing happens. I will seriously never thread my face again! It's not worth the pain and low self esteem.

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