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Raised Hypopigmentation Scars From Chicken Pox

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I know this isn't acne-related, but the post chicken pox scars I have are kind of the same problem that those with acne scars face, I simply do not know what to do about having them treated and possibly removed. I had chicken pox as a small child, quite severely. It scarred, but it's not indented scaring, rather it's raised white spots all over my stomach. It stands out because the raised spots are much lighter than my surrounding skin tone. It looks to me like raised hypo-pigmentation scars. I want to stress that they are not indented and I don't know if this is any easier to treat than the indented scarring that seems to be more common with chicken pox and acne.

I have a consultation with a laser clinic for microdermabrasion and I want to know if it would be worth it? I did read that microdermabrasion is better at treating raised scars/bumps than it is treating indented scars, is this true? I hope so. I really don't like the idea of wasting money and seeing no results or worse - making the scars even more prominent/damaged. Is microdermabrasion even the right option for my situation? Are there any other treatments you could recommend?

I have included a photo of the scars to show what they look like. Warning: it's not the most attractive picture, but then again neither are the scars. I've had them for so long and just want them gone. Clear and even skin would be amazing.

Thanks in advance.


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Surely pulse dye laser will help flatten them then another laser to help pigment maybe? I am in the same situation as you only mine are recent.. Hoping to get pulse dye. Goodluck I hope you get them sorted!

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Hi leekzo,

I know you posted this years ago, but I'm hoping you'll please see this message and help me out.

I'm struggling with the same raised, white bumps that I'm pretty sure are from the chickenpox I got when I was 16. I'm 20 now (female). I also struggled, and still do, to a lesser extent, with acne, on my face and chest/shoulders/back. I have a lot of scarring from the acne, that I used to pick, which of course makes it worse, but as the acne scarring slowly heals and fades, I've become a lot more focused and anxious about how visible the raised white bumpy scars are, and how absolutely nothing I can do has fixed them.

I'm not out in the sun much, and I don't expose my shoulders because of how self-conscious I feel about the chickenpox scars. Because they're raised, I've noticed that they create shadows, and unfortunately there are so many of them, they're very noticeable, even though my skin tone is fair, the bumps are still much lighter.

Please let me know if microdermabrasion worked for you - did it improve their appearance, was it worth it, would you recommend it? Is there anything else you'd recommend?

I've really struggled to find other posts with people struggling with this issue. 

I hope this reaches you,

Kind regards,


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