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So i just started accutane and im on day 21 right now and i have cleared up a little bit but i am in the initial breakout area. i have tried everything from topicals to creams proactive antibiotics, and even the caveman regimen. i am 15 as of today (its ma burtday!!!) and i have had acne since i was 13 so 2 years. at first is started just on my fore head and chin and it was very occasional. i was never self concious back then and i never cared or noticed i even had acne i just went on with my day. then at age 14 it got wors estarting high school. cystic ace all over my forehead a little on my chin but i still didnt notice or care about it i went about m day liek anyone else. i rememebr the day i started caring about my acne/ appearence. i hadnt cut my hair in months and i never combed it or did nything to it. i was 40 lbs overweight because i ate what i wanted when i wanted. but then one day i met this girl i really liekd and i wanted to go out with her but then i though, shes not gonna go out with me, im horrible. from that point on i started seeing derms, i did lose 40lbs and now my hair is awesome and all combed and groomed but the acne has persisted and gotten worse. up until this year no one said anything about my acne ever, but now i deal with people comments on a daily basis and it really fucks with me mentally. its especcialy worse since i play football and whenever i get hit hard my chinstrap almost always irritates my acne which fucking sucks. anyays here goes nothing guys day 21 will give updates here and there wish me luck.

also im on 40mg a day

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