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Probiotics Just Destroyed My Acne.

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Hello all!

After trolling these forums for months, this is the first post I've felt compelled to write.

I was in Africa for 18 months and took an antibiotic for this entire duration as an antimalarial precaution.

About two months after I returned from Africa and ceased taking the antibiotic, I started gradually developing horrible acne all over my face. I had never in my life experienced acne this bad in my life (I am 24 years old). This acne continued for 6 months (until now).

I started taking three capsules once a day of Hyperbiotics PRO-15 probiotics and within two days all my acne has disappeared. This is a complete miracle, and I am as surprised as you may be upon reading this. I have nothing to do with that company.

I realize that the efficacy of different treatments varies greatly among people, but that being said, I thought I'd recommend that you give that probiotic a shot. Of course, other probiotics may produce the same effect, but for obvious reasons I'm sticking with that brand.

I had previously tried a dairy-free diet, but that didn't work.

Good luck!

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Hi friend, thanks for posting!

I have recently been taking Prescript-Assist (Soil Based Probiotics) and they are helping me a lot!

Reading about Hyberbiotics PRO-15 (and all the reviews), it seems they may be a step above even soil based probiotics, and it also seems they would work very well together.

Anyways, thanks to you, I'm now ordering some pro-15 and will update this thread in a few weeks with any results I notice.

Thx again, I love it when people share stuff like this!

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Hmm. My experience with probiotics has always been really terrible breakouts. I took them for about 3-4 months last fall. Probably other factors involved.

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