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Help! How Do I Get Rid Of This Monster On My Face?!

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Hello all,

I am reasonably clear at the moment after going on the contraceptive pill but a few days ago this massive thing has erupted on my face.

I say 'thing' because I'm not quite sure what it is! It's bigger than a nodule but not sure it's big enough to be a cyst. It's just a massive hard lump underneath the skin, very round and smooth and angry red. It was very sore when it first came up but now it's just a bit tender.

I've has this for nearly a week now and nothing seems to make it any smaller! I've tried hot compresses twice a day, tea tree oil, salicylic acid, clindamicin phosphate lotion. I also tried a drawing salve last night. I know these things take time to go away but it's so frustrating that it's not even slightly less red or smaller than when it first popped up!

Can anyone suggest anything? A cortisone shot isn't an option as I'm in the UK and they aren't readily available which is a shame!

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Hmmm, I think a cold compress would be better to reduce the swelling and redness. I would also stick to one topical treatment, I think the angry redness might be from applying too many different things. And you're right its going to take time to heal...but it will eventually. :)

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Well I'm never sure if cold or warm is better so yes I might as well give that a shot thank you!

And you're probably right about applying to many topicals, I just get so frustrated as I've never found a 'go-to' product when I get these kind of things!

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