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25Yr Old Female W/ Butt Acne My Entire Life! Help! With Pictures

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Hi Everyone,

I am new to this website and I have joined out of desperation. I have had pimples on my bottom since I can remember. On rare occasions its clears up and goes away for a few days but then there is always a flare up. I have been to the dermatologist about this several times., they tell me i have Folliculitis. They have given me oral antibiotics, clindamycin topical ointments, I have been given the ointment for staph infection to put in my nostrils to kill that bacteria, I have recently been put on Alcortin, I have used Amlactin which is used to treat keratosis Pilaris, I was given samples of prescription strength for this too. Lets see.. I have used a Benzyl peroxide, Witch Hazel, i have a non allergenic laundry detergent, I use a nonallergic soap for my body. .. I change my sheets regularly, I use a new towel every time i get out of the shower, i wear cotton underwear, I have tried eating all raw diets.. I have seriously researched this and gone to the Dermatologist about this and tried just about everything I can. I feel very upset and cursed. Its ruining my life from being able to be as happy as I can be. I get depressed over it and cant even share it with anyone because i'm so embarrassed. I'm in a committed relationship and sex is not as"kinky" because i'm afraid to get into positions that will show my butt and I cant be as sexy as I want to be. Its pretty much disrupting my entire life. I weigh 135 pounds at 5'5 I exercise and I dont eat dairy, and eat very little meat in my diet. I try to eat as raw a possible.

I'm not really sure what to do. I need help and any advice will do. Recently I tried a bleach bath .. found something online where someone recommended that. I kinda feel like I am cursed with this forever and I dont understand why.

The flair ups are like red bumps that sometimes has a white pus head on it. They are for the most part small but big enough. They usually heal in like a day or two but my butt is never stays clear enough for all the hyper-pigmentation scars to heal. I'm really upset over this. To the point where I'm willing to post pictures of my condition. Praying someone can finally suggest something that will change my life.


and god bless.



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Sorry you're struggling so much with this :(

I don't really have any advice, but I'd suggest also posting a question about this on makeupalley on the skin care board. Lots of smart people there and they may be able to give you some really good advice.

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I had this and the only thing that helped was putting antibiotic ointment on my butt everyday after a shower or bath...since I started doing that I don't get them anymore. By since you said antibiotics aren't helping I wouldn't know what else could help :( Just for the record though, the ointment I used was called mupirocin...after using it a few weeks like I did, I don't even need to use it anymore.

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